Vito's Restaurant in Southern Pines & Pinehurst

The Gironda family is extremely grateful and thankful for more than thirty years of great relationships in the Sandhill's community. We have been blessed with great friends and precious memories with lovely neighbors!
We look forward to meeting new friends who continue to move to the area as well as seeing our favorite people week after week. Please let us know you are new to the area, we want to be sure you are welcomed properly!

Gironda Brothers
The Gironda Brothers

It all began in the spring of 1980, when the Gironda brothers traveled south to the Sandhills searching the perfect location for their pizzeria and the Sandhill's area was awaiting the grand opening.

Giovanni, the eldest of the four, with twins Vito and Franco combined their talents to opening the doors to Vito's Pizzeria and Ristorante July 10th, 1980.

The brothers worked many hours a day, seven days a week employing very few. Positive feedback spread through the locals like wildfire and Vito's soon became the most popular dining destination in the area. In the early years when Vito's was open for lunch local teenagers would leave school grounds and unsatisfying cafeteria lunch for the gooey slices of New York Style thin crust pizza and the unique taste of the Sicilian sytle thick crust. The local community was loyal to the flavors and authentic Italian cuisine the Gironda's created. Many residents made their first visit more than thirty years ago choosing to dine with Vito more than twice a week and many patrons continue the same habits today.

The Original Vito's
The Original Vito's

Vito's Restaurant enjoyed early success with overwhelming community support. Vito's was able to expand their business many times in the first twenty years. The Broad Street location which was first leased, is located just a few blocks from the building they operate today.

Vito's New York Style Pizza sales paved the road for the success of the Speciality Menu available today adding mutliple Chicken, Veal and Shrimp features, including customer favorites Chicken Imperial Veal Florentine and Shrimp Francese as well as the newly introduced patio menu dining in the tranquil outdoor setting.

With consistent and loyal customer visits Vito continues to focus personal attention with exceptional service. In addtion to customer requests seeking out the best Italian dishes to enjoy, Vito invites guest to speak with him personally about their favorite wine and vineyards. Vito has an extensive wine list, located below in the temperature controlled cellar with hundreds of bottles, be sure to ask Vito his personal favorites.

Vito's Ristorante continues to be one of the more popular dining establishments in the county, The Gironda family is grateful to the neighborhood and community who continue to support and promote Vito's as a "must visit" dining destination.

Our local clientele continue to enjoy meeting neighbors here at Vito's and eagerly welcome new friends and neighbors into the community. We open our doors to you - to be our guest! We are pleased to offer the perfect atmosphere for multiple generations to appreciate and we hope you will visit us soon ! We look forward to seeing you!

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We are proud to open our PATIO dining and invite you to our feast upon our unique specialities prepared exclusively for our patio guests. Authentic Italian dishes combined with an atmosphere, comfortable, quiet and relaxing you will feel transformed right into the heart of Italy.

Please come join us - we look forward with seeing you very soon!